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5:38 p.m. - 2008-06-19
On-line friendships--Real or Not?
One of my best friends has been insulted by someone "on-line". She's very upset about it, so that makes it important to me. I don't understand it, however. She referred to the person as a friend (former friend now, I imagine), so maybe she has met the person face to face. But if not, I don't understand the friendship angle. I spend as little time as possible "on-line", wrestling with this infernal machine. But I do actually use it for recreation on occasion. I play chess, take part in forum discussions, etc. And I chat with others whose paths I cross. But they're not my friends. My friends are people I have sat down with and talked until dawn about why we exist, and is God omnipotent, and who was the best Dr. Who. The people I play chess with and chat about weather and what job they have, and those who I debate on the politics or religion forums, they're not friends. Heck they're not even REAL--they're puffs of logic, floating in an ether called cyberspace.
That's not to say I wish them ill--I hope they all have happy lives and go to heaven, and all that. I hust don't think one can make a true friend from e-mails and instant messages. My friend is a far more insightful and compassionate person than I. And some person/puff of logic has made her feel very badly. This, in turn, has caused me to be concerned for her and feel enmity with the "ex-friend" who has insulted her. So, even though I don't believe I can make a friend solely by interacting with them in this medium, I can't deny that I have made an enemy.



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